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    Couldn’t send this to customer support because of the problem with urls. Got a message saying, “We only provide support for blogs here. Please go to the Support Forum for further help.” My blog is on Because of the problem my blog’s url wasn’t listed in the drop-down menu so it couldn’t be sent.

    Here’s what I wanted to send to the Support Center:

    I did: nothing

    I saw:

    I expected:

    Seems that all the links through RSS widgets on my blog that should go to my blog now have “” as the url instead of my blog’s url.

    The RSS widgets to previous posts are located on the right-hand side of my blog, scroll down a little bit. Starts with Featured Writers.

    So, of course, if anyone clicks on the links it goes to “page not found”.

    Even in your drop down menu for selecting my blog the url is not there to send this message.

    Thanks for helping out.

    The blog I need help with is


    Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into both problems.


    Thanks for such a quick reply. It looks to be a global issue, glitch or whatever.


    yes! This is the same problem I’m having!



    I am having the same problem I recently renewed my domain mapping as well as my domain (from godaddy) but the blog now seems to have vanished, as described above.


    @dandelionsalad The problem you mentioned about the contact form has been fixed.

    @helanecrowell There was a separate problem with domains that had dashes in them. They were not working earlier, but that has been fixed now.

    We are still working on the problem with some of the links in the tags feeds not working.


    @edwardkimuk & @helanecrowell I tested your domain and they’re working now. :)


    Thanks so much for fixing the problems so quickly. The links seem to be working fine now in the RSS widgets.

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