Problem with Coraline and Custom Background

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    Not using the CSS upgrade, but if I simply use the Custom Background option, the posting area also changes thereby making the posting area unreadable.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi jennifer!

    I am sure you know that I’m going to ask if you have reported this directly to staff? Let us know what they say?



    @justjennifer — Can you tell us what color values you’re using, and whether you using the light or dark theme color option?



    @1tess- not yet, but figured since Staff are in the forums on this topic, it’d be quicker to post here. :)

    @lance – Doesn’t matter what color option is chosen, the center div is unreadable. Using FF by the way. helpful screen shot


    Coraline with 3 column options (all types) appears weird in IE 6.0

    I put up a separate question on the forum for that.

    But are you facing the same problem?


    Just one thing to remember. IE6 is over 9 years old, and the web passed it by about 5 years ago, and also it is no longer supported by Microsoft. In the years to come, you are going to see fewer and fewer websites supporting IE6. It is just too difficult to support the current web features everyone wants and still support IE6.



    I am having the same issue as well with the custom background without CSS I used a PNG formatted image and the blog post are un-readable as seen in this screen capture

    Browser Firefox 4.0b2

    Test Blog url


    @thesacredpath – Does that mean that in future IE versions, the third sidebar will not drop below? I always use FF. But I always check once how a theme looks on IE6. It came with the system. I never downloaded any future IE after that.

    Is it possible someone can check on IE7, 8, 9 whatever version and see that three column version of Coraline does not drop? You can see my blog which is currently on the three column Coraline theme.

    Thanks for replying in detail


    @justjennifer and @silkbonez Coraline, like some of our other recent themes with custom backgrounds—Andrea, for example—doesn’t have any sort of wrapping around posts like you can see in Bueno and Twenty Ten. A detailed, tiling, custom background image might not work with this theme but other types of imagery and the custom background color should.


    @indiahomeschool The issue with the dropped sidebar in IE6 should be resolved now. If you see any other major inconsistencies there, let us know and we’ll do our best to get them sorted out.



    Ah. So, as my design teacher said, it’s not a mistake, it’s a feature. :)

    Off to play with vertically tiled and fixed bkgds.


    @indiahomeschool, as you see, staff have fixed the sidebar issue, but at some point, IE6 will simply be abandoned because of its age. I’ve been seeing a number of articles where designers have posted in the comments that they are no longer worrying much about IE6. I really don’t worry about it much either unless one of my clients requires it.

    You can see how your site looks in various browsers here: . Just choose the ones you want to check.




    Thank you for the reply back and I will try and find a more suitable image

    Anyways I went ahead used a custom color via the background options and notice that the “posted by” and the “category section” is kinda hard to read if someone has vision problems like my self against a greyish background as seen in this screen capture

    Link to post I refer to with the screen capture


    @silkbonez Good point. Readability is definitely something to watch for when using custom background colors and images.



    Just discovered that if you don’t use a custom image header with Coraline, the container on image attachment pages breaks. (screenshot)


    Thanks everyone for inputs as regards to IE6 issue.

    @themeshaper, It is not solved.

    Please see my blog
    at your end in IE6. either on browsershots or if your machine as one installed.



    IE6 is not supported any more.



    @indiahomeschool-There is no reason not to upgrade your browser. Even on my old Win2000 machine (no laughing) I’m browsing with FF.


    @themeshaper, the theme is behaving oddly in FF 3.6.8 when I view Archives section. Please check it out. Is any other blog facing problems with this theme in FF too ?



    I just looked at your archives and other than the Posts displaying as an excerpt, which many themes do on category/archives pages, what do you expect to see?

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