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Problem with CSS code for Koi Theme

  1. Hi everybody!

    I'm using Koi Theme by Nick La and I love it very much, but there is one thing I want to change . Koi theme only has one sidebar; however, I need 2 sidebars ( as the Dark Wood Theme).
    I have tried to change the CSS code but it didn't work >_<

    Oh my God, everyone please help me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't change the functionality of a theme through CSS. If the theme does not support two sidebars, you are out of luck.

    From your last sentence, I'm sure you were hoping for something different. Sorry.

  3. It appears you don't have the paid CSS upgrade. It is possible to move one of the footer widget areas to be placed like a second sidebar on the screen but it would require this upgrade and more than basic CSS knowledge.


  4. Thank you thesacredpath and hallluke for your answer.

    oh, i have the paid CSS upgrade, but i don't know how to use the CSS code to change the footer widget become the second sidebar. Could you please show me the CSS code to do that?

    Thanks alot

  5. Have a look at the code below. You will want to adjust the sizes depending on how wide you want each column to be. The percentage value sets the "extra" sidebar position from the top, this doesn't scale well which could cause a problem if a viewer zooms in or out on your page.

    #wrapper {position:relative;}
    #content {width:500px; margin-right:30px;}
    #content {width:390px;}
    #sidebar {width:200px; float:left;}
    #secondary #footer1 {width:200px; position:absolute; top:14%; right:0; margin:0;}


  6. Thank you hallluke.

    I have use your code, the aspect is so good. However, i don't know why when I add some widgets into the second side bar ( footer 1), they don' appear. I wonder what happen with it? Did I do any things wrong?

    Could you please check my blog and help me one more time?

  7. You currently have no widgets enabled in the first footer, so I cannot tell what the problem is. You'll also need to resize elements in the main sidebar to fit the 200 pixel width, your gravatar is currently too big.

    #gravatar-3 img {width:XXX; height:YYY;}


  8. I have resize the gravatar and it still doesn't work.
    I realize that not only the second sidebar (footer 1) but also all footer have the same problem. When I add the widget into the footer ( all three footers), they will not appear. Should I need to give you the password of my blog so you can check it?

  9. No, don't give out your password on the forum, anyone could find it. We're just volunteers that help when we can. The problem was mine, trying to give you advice when I'm half asleep. Replace the "top" percentage with an absolute value so that the extra sidebar doesn't move down the screen when you add more posts.

    #secondary #footer1 {top:450px;}


  10. Wonderful, every thing is perfect now ^_^
    Halluke, thank you for all of your help!

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