Problem with drop-down menu when using 2011 theme on mobile

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    I have a problem with navigating my new WordPress site on mobile and would greatly appreciate any help from the experts here.

    My site uses the Twenty Eleven theme, which I really like the look of. The drop-down menu works fine when accessing the site via a desktop computer, laptop, or iPad. I click on the parent page (entitled Contents) and the drop-down menu appears underneath, allowing me to select any article I’m interested in from the list.

    But when I access the site via a mobile device (Chrome running on an Android phone), the drop-down menu does not stay on-screen long enough to select the article I’m interested in.

    So I’ll click the parent page and the drop-down list appears for just a split second, disappearing before I have a chance to select anything. I’m then taken to the contents page itself. Is there a way of adjusting the 2011 theme so that the drop-down list stays on screen until I’ve selected a page?

    Any help on fixing this would be hugely appreciated, as this issue is making the site very hard to navigate on mobile. I have the same issue when browsing my other site on mobile.

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    The blog I need help with is



    I tested both your sites on my iPhone 5s and on both, the drop-down menus stayed open until I selected a sub-menu or closed it. I had no trouble getting the dropdown menus to stay open – one click kept them open.

    Could you let me know:

    – What device and version are you using
    – What OS
    – What browser


    Thanks for your reply Kathryn, and for taking time to test the site. Much appreciated.

    I haven’t had this menu problem when visiting the site on a desktop computer (either PC running Chrome, or Mac running Safari). Plus iPad and iPhones seem to display it properly too.

    The problem occurs when accessing the site with an Android phone (LG G3) running the latest version of Chrome. Using that kind of mobile device, the drop-down menus only flash up for a second- making it impossible to navigate the site.

    Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



    Hi davidjhuggins81!

    I tested this on my own android and was able to see the same thing.

    The problem is that when we tap the parent menu item, it’s actually loading that page – rather than simply opening the menu. Then when the new page loads, you loose the menu focus.

    I opened a bug report here that you can follow for updates if you’d like :)

    Thanks for pointing this out!


    Thanks for taking the time to reply, chad1008. Really appreciate that.

    Yes, the problem is exactly as you describe – but phrased much more clearly than I could. I must admit I lack technical knowledge in this area so welcome any advice on this.

    Hopefully this bug with Twenty Eleven can be resolved, because otherwise I love the look and feel of that theme. For the moment (on my site Oscillate Wildly) I’ve done a basic work-round by including hyperlinks to each article in the parent page. Which allows more access for mobile visitors until the issue is fixed. I’ll keep an eye on the bug report page. Thanks again!



    Happy to help! :)

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