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    Hi everbody ! I have a problem : the “Edit Image title” doesn’t work, when I put the title in it and publish the article, I go over the article with the mouse of my computer and see no title appear. What can I do ? (I don’t use the “caption”. )



    A link to the post in question please.



    I imagine that depends on what browser you are using, but a link is a good idea..


    It is not just one, there are many posts.
    Here is a link to an article (it is in Dutch) :
    I want to “Stel uw vraag over digitale tv” appear when you go with the mouse over the question mark.



    There was a discussion a few days ago on this here Basically, it boils down to which browser you are using. If IE, then the alt element is recognized for the mouse hover. If FF, then the title element is recognized. Looking at your image, there is nothing in the alt element. And I don’t see a title element at all.

    It does seem that the title element is stripped out if you only use img src for the image.


    Thank you so much vivianpaige ! It finally works !

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