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Problem with editing posts

  1. Whenever I attempt to edit a post, either draft or published, varying amounts of the text is missing and the amount missing differs each time. As a workaround I just copy and paste the post into the editor to make the changes but I'd rather not have to do that.

    I just created a blog on and I am using the standard editor and Firefox browser.

  2. [Edit: Staff is looking into the problem.]

    See the stickie post at the top of the forum.

  3. I am experiencing the same type of problem noted in the forum entitled "Save & Continue Editing — Problems". The difficulty just started this afternoon, following the maintenance upgrade (which at this juncture, feels more like a downgrade).

    The specifics of the poblem are that after I press "save and continue editing", the post reverts to what was saved previously.

    As a result, trying to make any permament changes to a post is futile.

    My blog's URL is I'm using Mac OS 10.3.9, and the problem occurs in both Safari and Firefox

  4. This has been fixed. Please see the sticky post.

  5. Apparently, not on my end. I tried almost 4x just to add/edit my entry. Perhaps I will wait for few hours or so.

  6. Don't wait. Contact staff. By the time you check again, they'll have gone off for the weekend.

  7. What the "sticky post" says about fixing the problem, is not true - the problem is still here. I just added a new post (page no. 608) to my theo48.wordpress blog, and I can edit it (though sometimes a few things are not saved), but I cannot publish it at all. Theo

  8. @theo48
    Have you sent in a support request?

  9. Yes, I did send it to support, timethief. Maybe I will try something else now ... I will copy all the contents from the new page and add it to yet another empty page - and try to save & publish that new one. See what happens ...

  10. ... oh great ... I opened the page 608 to edit it and now most of the words (600 of 800) and 3 of 4 photos of the already saved page are gone again. Sh*** Theo

  11. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You've had so many problems of late that you must be extremely frustrated. If I could help you I would. :(

  12. Strange ... I just created a completely new page (called it Testseite) ... and it's saved & published. Theo

  13. YAY! I'm so glad to hear this.

  14. Well, I saved all of my stuff locally, so anything that is lost on wordpress is still existing, but thanks for your sympathy anyway! Theo

  15. The funny thing is - this 608 page (or what is still around of it now) is claimed to be "published" on the general list of all the pages, but when opening this page in editing, it says "not published". And the page JUMPS from the category to the main page and back. And you can't change it - you click on "publish", but nothing happens. (May sound a bit confusing, but English is not my native language ...) Theo

  16. Well, now I started to edit the new page (612), and now it is gone to hell (error 404). I just give up for today ... Theo

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