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    welcome wordpress users. I need serious help

    I am a blogger and serious writer and I love graphic design so I want to have my own blog so I can put it up as my portfolio and write articles.

    I have a problem I typed up a post and i posted it in blog update which is a category of mine, but thing is on the homepage of my blog it has full article, then you click it and it has full article, but when you click on category on the side Blog Update and it takes you to all the articles, it has only a excerpt, you click it and it has full article

    What im asking is, on the front page I dont know how to make it an excerpt and click it and it would be the full article.

    Please check it out if anyone can and give me some advice. I typed it up like it says, full article on the first box and summary in the excerpt box

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Your theme is designed so that the front page displays the full article unless you use the “more” tag, and the archives/categories only display excerpts. More info here:

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