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Problem with file attachment URLs

  1. Hi - my blog suddenly stopped allowing users to download files. When I create the attachment (Add Media), the HTML for the file looks fine, but clicking the link simply takes one to a static page with the file attachment title. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas? Thanks much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can we have a link to where this is happening?

  3. I have the same problem!
    Maybe "thesacredpath" can help us! :)

    paula mihai

  4. Paula, can you give us a link to a place on your blog where the is happening so that we can look at it?

  5. Which link in particular. I cannot read the language.

  6. And let's keep this discussion in one thread so that we are not bouncing back and forth.

  7. I have the same problem; I am a teacher and ALL my links suddenly lead nowhere!

  8. We need a link to your blog and specific examples of where this is happening. We cannot even guess until we can look at it.

  9. OK - try this ...

    Try the HOMEWORK page or the MATHS page; each has lots of links to downloadable WORD files; these links take you to another window, but the actual clickable links for the documents themselves have disappeared.

  10. On the "maths" pages, were these all Word files?

    Mental Maths Test 1
    Mental Maths Test 2
    Mental Maths Test 3
    Mental Maths Test 4
    Mental Maths Test 5

  11. Yes

  12. They are still there in my library, although I cannot locate their URL address anywhere

  13. OK, this is beyond the volunteers here in the forums. Contact staff directly and make sure and let them know that the above links on the maths page used to link to Word documents.

  14. Go to your media library and select a file, there are three buttons there (under "Link URL":

    None, Post URL & File URL

    if you want a download link to your file you should use the File URL button.

  15. @hillelstoler, the math links above on bigpblog were originally linked to .doc files and working. Now they are not. Something happened in the backend of wordpress.

  16. Ummm ... no.
    WHen I hover over a file I get EDIT/DELETE/VIEW and if I select the file I get Title, Caption and Description - none of the buttons that you suggest.

  17. If you go to media library from within a post, then you can click on the "show" button for the document and find what hillelstoler mentions.

  18. I should have adde if you go to the media library from within a page also.

    Another thing that is important, is that when you name the files, make sure they have an extension at the end of the filename (.doc)

  19. HI sacredpath - yes, I know about that, but I think that's the problem - I can't get the blog to SHOW any docs, so I can't see the URL details or anything like that. All I can get is what I have listed above.

  20. Ok, let's try this from the beginning.

    With non-image files:

    1. select the text in the post or page that you want to use as the link
    2. upload the file
    3. BEFORE clicking the "insert into post/page" button, click on the "file URL" button
    4. Now click on the "insert into post/page" button

    The text you had highlighted should now be linked to the .doc file that you uploaded. WordPress will remember your last settings so unless you change it, the "file URL" selection will be remembered on subsequent uploads.

  21. @bigpblog
    That's because you are using Media >> Library from the dashboard right?
    Try editing an existing post and selecting the Add Media icon and then getting to your global media library from thereā€¦

  22. Righto - sorted now, thanks!

    Still don't understand why these links should have stopped working though; they were OK earlier in the week ...

  23. I think wordpress may have been doing some tinkering in the background that caused the issue. I've gotten three emails from friends that have experienced the same thing over the past hour or so. The links were working - had been for months - and today they were not. As with you, they had to go back in and fix them.

  24. I had a message saying this may log you out in 47 hours on the dashboard

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