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    this is how i see my blog on firefox:

    this is how i see my blog using any other browser:

    so i’m wondering if there’s a bug on firefox or something. my blog works fine on Internet Explorer, Safari, Seamonkey.. but on firefox, no matter if i change the template, its always ****ed up



    Which version of FF are you using? I’ll be happy to take a look with FF3 if you provide a link to your blog.

    There are entire chunks of my primary blog, including widgets, that wouldn’t display in earlier versions of FF but do now. They were always fine in IE.


    i’m using FF 3.0
    my blog is



    Interesting – there is another guy having the same problem. I see it fine in ff3, but the other guys blog did exactly that in ff3- I’ll dash over and see if I can find it…



    When you look at other blogs, do the sidebar disappear, also?



    ok i will just share my experience with this bug in case it useful to somebody:
    my blog has the same theme contempt. When i loaded it in Firefox 3 it would hang for about 5 seconds. with the same gray and no sidebar load(just like ensaiosobrearotina’s photo shot). then it would loadfully, but with a clunky scroll.

    After I removed a widget (mybloglog reader widget), that has about 12 links in 6 DIVs…
    the problem has gone away.


    this is how i see your blog, dlager:

    it looks fine on any other browser but firefox though



    dlager – I’m using FF and your blog looks fine



    I’m using FF3 your blog looks fine I would uninstall & reinstall
    the browser maybe something didn’t download right…



    I think is tech 07 is right. first turn off all your addons and have a look.( I have had add on probs with FF) and if your still having probs redownload fire fox


    I’m on Firefox and today it did that for a few seconds whenever I came to my blog. But it was only a few seconds. It’s not doing it anymore though.



    Sidebar present and accounted for on both blogs in ff



    I have been having a lot of trouble with Firefox lately, especially in viewing images or pdf files. I guess we should send them an email to let them know there are glitches.

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