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    Hi WordPress community,

    My blog is and I think I’m having a problem with followers seeing my posts.

    Since April 15, 2013 I’ve noticed a substantial dropoff in Likes from followers. On and before that date I was averaging 25 to 30 Likes per post. Since then this has suddenly dropped to 8 or 10 (and most of those are from new readers). I remember around that same time that the Notifications page was broken for several days. Perhaps there is a connection here around some WordPress software changes?

    Anyway, do you have any ideas? I want to make sure followers are seeing my work.

    Thanks much!
    John Klobucher

    p.s. Other than this issue, I love WordPress! It’s one of the Wonders of the Modern World.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having the same problem (among others)…
    You could see the thread here (just go to my reply dated Mai 8)

    Till now nothing has been done because WP says that I was the only one having that issue… Well now there are two :)



    Hi pellymade,
    Thanks for your response. There’s definitely something funny going on here with followers not seeing posts. Another clue was about two weeks into this trouble when one of my longtime followers explicitly unfollowed then tried to refollow my blog. At first I didn’t understand why he did that, but now I get it — he wondered why he wasn’t seeing my posts and figured that was a solution.
    Anyway, I’m stuck until I hear from WordPress. I’m going to suspend any blogging activity until I can get my most loyal readers back! I’m quite sad about this. It has killed the momentum that I have been building with my serialized novel.
    If only they had a “refresh follower connections” feature. I wonder if others have disconnected followers and don’t realize it.



    It’s NOT just one account, it’s many, including mine. One blogger even wrote a post about it yesterday –



    I too have seen followers trying to refollow my blog… many times…
    Yesterday I couldn’t press “like” , my like wasn’t counted. And I don’t know if I am the only one, but there is a significant decrease of likes and views in my posts…
    All this and is happening for a long time and it’s very frustrating. It ruins all the fun.

    Anyway, I can show you what I think is happening…
    Not all posts are shown in our Reader. If you right click > open in new tab, a blog, you see all posts:
    …but as you can see in this screen shot, there are 2 posts missing in the Reader
    I have seen it happening to almost every blog I follow and I am sure this is happening to me as well. I think that’s the reason for the decrease of likes and views…

    Thank you for the link, it’s a relief to see that other people experience the same problem, now there is a small chance WP will notice us…



    It seems you are using too many categories or tags. In most cases, there’s no need to assign more than a handful of tags per post. If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on topic pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).

    You can find a list of possible explanations on why your posts aren’t showing up on topic pages for the tags and categories that you’ve used:



    Thanks for answering
    First of all I don’t exceed the 15 tags-categories limit.
    Second, I wasn’t talking about topic pages. (I always check after posting and I can see my posts on topic pages) I was referring to posts that don’t appear in my Reader and the Blogs I Follow.
    I checked your link and all the factors that are described don’t apply in my case
    Please see above, the 2 links of the screenshots I’ve made so you could understand



    Pellymade a friend does not use tags and she has more problems than I do, and actually I did that in purpose put as many tags a photo and see what happen, it did appear in the reader right away, weird, so far 150 people with the same problem do not tell me is the tags something is wrong



    kardotim I usally use 5 tags to 10 at the most and mostly use the art tag, photography poetry so that is not the problem like I mention Pellymade that is not the reason, I have a friend who does not use any tags and still having the problem



    I know…



    Hi Kardotim,
    Thanks for responding. I too do not exceed the magic number of 15 and am not talking about a problem with topic pages, which seem to work just fine. I always test them after I post.

    The problem is with followers not seeing my (indeed, our) posts in their Readers and/or the Like mechanism not working reliably.

    As I said in my original post, I noticed a dramatic change in Likes from existing followers just after April 15, 2013. It seems (to me) that there was some server-side software event around that date that probably explains the problem I have.

    Do you have any way of testing whether a blog’s followers are seeing posts? I did my own experiment last weekend, sending out a post that asked existing followers to click Like if they were there. This proved my suspicions. I got a bunch of Follows and Likes, but only from new people. (And my existing followers had always been very responsive prior to April 15.)

    Do you have any tools for reviving Follows that have gone bad? Do I need to contact each follower individually and ask them to try unfollowing and following?

    Please, I hope you’ll look into this further. I was about to sign up for your Pro bundle, but if these basic features don’t work, I’ll be forced to abandon WordPress (which I’d hate to do… because I just love it otherwise). But I need to keep in contact with followers. I’m trying to build an audience for my novel and this problem has stopped me cold! I am suspending any new posts until this issue is resolved.

    John K



    I have to agree that this is a problem. My hits, likes, comments all dropped precipitously at the start of the year and have steadily fallen to where I am seeing less than half the traffic of the past two years. If you look year to date or even compare each month it isn’t even close. Something big changed, I’m disappointed to hear that WP doesn’t see the issue. I know of a pile of bloggers having the same concern and are considering other avenues.



    I have had the same problem for several months but did not know. I have never exceeded the magic numbers as well until just recently. My likes and reply have dropped off severely over the the past months from 36 plus to less than ten. I made two posts yesterday with one category (misc) and no tags. They did not show up in the reader. Not to mention that drop down reply gadget in the upper left hand corner that shows a star when someone has replied does not work 80 % of the time.



    kardotim, no disrespect intended but you are not paying attention just like the other lady. Parroting someone else does not fix the problem.

    Reread my post above this one and the others above me and you will plainly see you are not paying attention.



    My likes and reply have dropped off severely over the the past months from 36 plus to less than ten.

    Re: stats, likes and shares
    The like button, like every other in-house use only like button (example: Facebook) can only be used by those who have registered username accounts when they are logged in to

    Note that “likes” are not page view stats. In fact, likes and shares are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can “like” and “share” your posts in several locations such as the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat.

    If you have set your RSS Feed here > Settings > Reading to
    For each article in a feed, show
    __ Full text
    rather than to
    __ Summary
    then there is no need to click into your blog to read the full post and and create a page view stat.



    Ladies and gentlemen, thanks again for your thoughts. But, so as not to get sidetracked here…

    The problem I see involves registered WordPress users who are logged in and are using the Reader to see the Full text of my posts. (I don’t care about the page view stats.) Something is amiss in this scenario. Either these followers are not seeing my posts or they are unable to Like them. There was some server-side change between April 15 and April 20, 2013 that caused a dramatic drop in the Likes of my posts (which had been steadily trending up prior to that date).

    Does WordPress support have diagnostic tools for investigating these functions? Can I get this problem addressed by paying for support? (I’d really want to stay with WordPress, but I need these basic blogging features to work reliably. I’m trying to build an audience and have to stay connected to followers.)

    Or does WordPress have a way for me to notify all of my followers that they should try unfollowing and following again? I’d do a post about this but… they probably wouldn’t see it! D’oh!

    Thanks folks. I’ll appreciate any help.
    John K



    kardotim will return to this thread when he can to assist you. Please be patient while waiting.



    Please Timethief… you keep repeating the same thing (about “likes” and “shares” in other locations such as the Reader) over and over in almost every reply I see in the forum.
    I am a blogger in WP for over 4 months now and I understood that from the beginning. And I am sure that everyone else here is also aware of that.
    We all have a standard of likes and views so far and we are experiencing a drop off according to that standard. It’s not our imagination or that we don’t understand that people can “like” us in other locations!
    The other day a blogger from India “liked” most of my posts in the “top likes” (LIKED) widget of my blog so his views should appear in my stats. And I ought to see India in “views by country”. Needless to say that his views weren’t counted…
    I KNOW that when we use the Reader and like specific posts, that doesn’t count in our stats, but he HAD TO VISIT my blog in order to see that I have a “top likes” widget.



    Thank you, timethief. I appreciate your help in navigating the WordPress support process. This is the first time I’ve sought assistance. I shall now silently await Kardotim’s return and sage council.



    timethief you are the only one helping us they close the other one, will send you the information you ask if not here to your blog, thanks for helping us we do love the word press and do appreciate you helping us


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