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    I’m having a problem with text formatting on my blog. When I try to format my subheadings with Heading 2 in the dropdown menu, it changes whole paragraphs of text in addition to the few words of text I highlighted to format. Is this some sort of bug in the system, or what exactly is going on here? I would like to be able to properly format the subheads on my pages and posts.

    The blog I need help with is


    OK, apparently this problem is fixed if I click on edit page, then format the words with heading 2, and then save. I guess I’ll have to do this repeatedly.



    The blog linked to your username is empty. Link to the blog in question please.


    That is the blog I am talking about, Justpi. I am trying to set it up, and get all my pages in order before I launch my posts, and noticed that there is a glitch with text formatting. When I highlight a small amount of text to format with Heading 2 for my subheads, it formats a whole paragraph instead just of the text that I selected.

    If I type something, save it, and then click on edit text to format it, there isn’t a problem.



    This has nothing to do with saving or not saving. You’re probably trying to highlight the beginning of a paragraph. But a heading is supposed to be a separate block of text: it can’t be part of a paragraph. If you wish to change the formatting of the beginning of a paragraph, you need to use some coding in the HTML editor.

    And a word of caution, since obviously you’re working with draft posts at the moment. There’s a glitch with drafts that has been going on for months: drafts may disappear (partly or not) when you try to publish them. So when you’ll be ready to publish each draft, better switch the editor to HTML and copypaste the whole content into a text file as a backup, just in case.

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