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    my galleries don’t display properly :

    and more important problem is in the “reader” page ! instead of selected images for the gallery , all my photos in the library was showed up! even those I hadn’t blog them until now and some was personal to me!!/read/following/

    hope u solve this soon!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m going to tag this for Staff attention as there is definitely something wrong in the spacing in the Carousel view on at least the first two posts you mention.

    Regarding the selected images for the Reader view, just so you are aware, the Gallery will display all images you upload if you’ve uploaded them to the same post or page where you’ve inserted a Gallery. The only way to make sure they don’t display is by either using the “exclude” parameter for that image in the gallery, or by not uploading it together with the other images.



    I think problem results by theme I’m using for the weblog , had some like this before and admins helped me for solving.
    actually i wrote this for staff view too and now I’m seeing this posted here in the forum!….think something is changed in support procedure or I’ve been in the wrong place! :d

    about reader view I mentioned that some of these photos wasn’t blogged yet before in any page or gallery ….and they are just in media library!
    i dont think excluding about 40 photos be a good idea , instead I included 5 photos I’d like to show….but didn’t workout!

    u can see and compare the ” post view ” and snapshot of the “reader view”

    tnx for ur attention justJennifer



    As far as the support procedure, you are correct! Since March anyone needing assistance but who doesn’t have a paid upgrade is directed to the forums. See the last note on the Support Contact page…

    Finally, let the community know what’s on your mind.

    Post a new question in our public forums, where it may be answered by helpful community members, by submitting the form below. Please do not provide financial or contact information when submitting this form.

    Regardless, since this thread has been tagged for Staff attention, please be patient while they get back to you and thanks for the extra screenshot, that will be very helpful.


    I was able to reproduce the issue with the image Carousel, and it appears that it’s happening for RTL languages such as Persian. This issue has been reported to our developers so they can take a look. Thank you for the report!


    An update was made for the gallery issue in the reader. I checked the first example you gave—the one you provided a screenshot for—and it appears fixed to me. Please let us know if you see the gallery issue happen again for new posts you publish in the future.



    now the reader appears fixed to me too…thanks

    …and yes I checked some friend’s gallery and the carousel issue exists for them too.


    @4mysolitude, the image carousel should now be fixed. Thank you very much for your detailed report that included screenshots!



    yes it’s fixed now,
    thanks for the support.

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