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Problem with Gallery and Full Size image

  1. Well, my problem is simple, but WordPress is having some problem with that, it seems. I upload my imagens and then I go to the gallery to insert all them into the post. The problem is not at the thumbnail that appears in the post. The problem is that when you click in the image, to suposely see the full-sized image, I get a medium-sized one.

    I noticed that when you click at the medium size image to see the link, it ends like that: xxxx.jpg?w=(number here). Ex.: xxxx.jpg?w=93 - And if you delete the 'w=(number here)', you get the full-sized image.

    My question is simple: is there a way to see the full-sized image, not in the post, but when you click at the thumbnail in the post? I mean, without the 'w=(number here)' in the link?

  2. Change the link on the thumbnail. If you click on the thumbnail you'll see the Link icon is selected, because it's a link. Edit that link so it doesn't have the "w=" thing.

  3. The problem is, rain, there's no way to change the thumbnail link if you insert a Gallery. When you insert a Gallery in your post, what's inserted is the shortcode [gallery] and there's no way to edit the resulting attachment pages to display the full size image and not the medium size image.

    I griped about this problem on my first try with Gallery.

  4. Did you send that in to staff? There's another thread around here somewhere where someone is posting a problem that sounds identical.

  5. Yes, it was me and yes, I did. :)

  6. No, it wasn't you. Unless you've more identities than I thought.

  7. The only way is to insert each image manually and edit the link that way. That kind of defeats the point of the handy gallery, so maybe someone will update the code eventually :)

  8. Ah ! Found something.

    settings --> media --> thumbnail size

    I set it to 500 x 500 and now the thumb is almost full size, but not the image when it's clicked on. The wrapping is all messed up though. The large thumbs overlap. I guess someone might get it working from this.

  9. Another thing (I obviously need to write a blog about this ... lol). That setting will fix your thumbnail default to whatever width the page is in your theme, in my case 500 which is a little less than the full page width.

  10. @djbarney-But then, of course as you already pointed out, this defeats the point of using the handy gallery shortcode.

    @rain, I'll never tell. :->

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