Problem with gallery ordering (orderby DESC or ASC)

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    Hello WP team,

    I would like the gallery images to be sorted using their filenames. It’s because I often have lots of pics on a post, and it takes a lot too much time to drag and drop each image by id ;-)

    I’ve tried using [gallery orderby ="ID DESC"] and [gallery orderby ="ID DESC"] as explained in the FAQ, but it does not work fine. The gallery result is the same whatever the solution I try, with DESC, ASC, and also without orderby option … You can see the problem here : .

    It seems this is a bug … So, is there a way to sort images by their filenames using gallery ?

    Thanks a lot for your answer




    No answer … I’m not the only one to have this problem, see

    Hope somebody from the WP team could analyze this bug …

    PS : Thanks a lot for the WP core team to have fixed the gallery resizing bug si quickly ;-)



    No news, and still not working … Please could somebody from the staff look at this Gallery bug ?

    Thanks anyway



    Forums are not the best way to contact staff; the best way is via your dashboard Support button. The forums are staffed by volunteers and if nobody answers, it generally means nobody here has an answer.

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