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    OK I’m no genius…but I have a blog and I’m proud of it…I work in Mac OSX, using Firefox because I was told Safari did not work well…here is the problem:
    I use Fetch as my ftp software…I was able to load my original blog…and can add posts with no real problem, but I want to add some of the .php files and cannot locate any of the folders in need to put code into
    Fetch does not now allow me to connect at all.
    What is the protocol for using fetch…I enter…then my name as associated with the blog site (I think its my user name) digitalprof…then password (this is where I have used several to no avail)
    Is the password the one issued by support, my sign-in password when I upload posts, or something else?
    Thanks for any help…I just want to use as many aspects of WordPress as I can.
    Thanks for any help.



    This is only for support. You cannot upload anything. You can only login and use the web interface. There is no FTP access.

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