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Problem with header,help me!

  1. In my new blog
    Visitors told me that with IE they can not see the header,the tittle and both pictures,they see black line,or something else.
    In Firefox everything is OK.
    How I can solve problem that the visitors that use IE can see all correct..?

  2. You probably have an image that MSIE cannot render. It does not like JPG files saved in CMYK instead of RGB format. Try to resave it using JPG RGB, or even PNG.

    FYI: I can see it just fine in Opera 9 (it can handle CMYK).

    I'm just guessing it's a CMYK problem because it's the only common factor with MSIE not showing an image, but all other browsers do.

  3. I changed header pictures in every allowed format,and visitors told me the same,in IE header is not visible..

  4. In Opera and FF everything is OK,but not in IE...

  5. I viewed source and hunted down the image. I see you have it as a GIF with 256 colors. I don't know why it would not show up now. Have the visitors tried a force refresh?

  6. I dont know that,They should know that anyway...

  7. Does WordPres staff can help me..?

  8. I dont think that is the problem of refreshing.Can Yoy refresh it in IE and tell me what happened...

  9. You have a lot of pages at the top of your blog covering up the header and you can reduce them using this information.
    From the FAQs

  10. Thanks,I will look that...

  11. I just tested it in IE 7. It has the opposite effect. All those page links are overflowing into the main content below them.

    You can make a "master" page that includes links to the other pages if you don't use the Pages widget as those links explain.

  12. My concept for this blog is to make this blog only with pages,no categories,posts..etc.,no as blog-forum.but maybe that is wrong idea...

  13. thistimethisspace

    These days we are getting more and more people who want to use blogs in ways other that what is intended. The I want only pages phenomena is a new "trend". Actually pages sit outside the blog structure, they do not automatically update and cannot be assigned categories. They are intended to be used for static content that rarely, if ever, changes. They can only be updated by editing. Are you sure this is what you want?

  14. Not to mention the templates are designed for a very small number of pages.

  15. Yes,this blog I made is static,just for putting texts,..but I reralized that I should change the concept,just becouse people who use IE have a problem with viewing pages propperly...

  16. It's not just because of IE. WordPress is a blogging platform. What you are trying to do is a website. The software was never meant for that structure. There are website CMSes out there, but I've never used them. Whenever I make a regular website, I write the raw ASP and HTML myself.

  17. If you're building a website, my recommendation is to use Drupal. It's very robust, has a lot of features, is open source, and is easy to use.

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