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Problem with hovering over thumbnails to resize.

  1. Hello,

    Before I was able to post a 2 thumbnails on the same line and resize them to a larger size. All I had to do was hover over the images and kinda drag the corners and it would either minimize or maximize. Now I posted a thumbnail and I no longer get the option when I hover over the image. Can someone please help me. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for the link. I saw that Google chrome might be the issue. The thing is I have always used GC and it just now stopped working.

  3. Why not try using Firefox? You can download it here I use it as my main browser because it's more reliable than Chrome.

  4. Ok I will try it out. Thank you its just a lil hassle since I use chrome for everything else and this issue just started. Thanks

  5. You're welcome. My opinion and tips are found here >
    Cropper or Proper Image Preparation?

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