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Problem with http and https

  1. I have a blog in which for the wordpress address i have specified the URL as - https://....

    A person can land to the site using http or https when within a specified network. But can only access the site using https when outside the network.

    As I have specified the url for the wordpress site as - https://..... all the pages within it get prefixed by https://...

    Now my question is - How can make the site such that if a person comes into the site using http://...., then all sublinks for the site become http://.... and if he comes using https://....., then all the sub-links of the site become https://... ?

  2. Can we have the full URL for the blog, please?

  3. thanx for showing concern... but i found the solution

    Now there is one more problem -
    There are some hardcoded links to some other sites, on the site. I want if the person is browsing the site using http://... then all those hardcoded links should become http://.. and similarly if he is using https://.... then all links should become https://....

  4. Can we have the full URL for the blog, please?

  5. sorry but right now i am not allowed to share the URL

  6. I suspect that this user is self-hosted. If you are, you're in the wrong forum. Support for self-installs is at

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