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Problem with IE 7 and IE8

  1. A friend who was looking at my site said it had text on the left and the header was at the bottom. He was using IE 8.
    I looked at the site on my laptop with IE 9 and it was fine. I then thought the page was set up for mobil view but it was not.

    So it appears anybody viewing a sites on IE 7, IE 8, will not see the tabs along the top of header but as text vertically on the left hand side.

    Any sugestions Bob

    The blog I need help with is

  2. IE7 has not been supported for over a year. IE8 is supported but don't hold your breath on that because Microsoft will n o longer support Windows XP after April. I tagged this thread for a response from Themes Staff. Please subscribe so you are notified when they reply.

  3. My friend was viewing at work, using win 7 but the computers only run IE8.

    My old netbook runs XP and IE7 and it had the same problem viewing

    I only use either crome or firefox they seem fine.

    Thanks Bob

  4. Thanks for the added info for Staff.

  5. Update,

    Firefox 14.0.1 OK

    Chrome 23.0.1271.97 OK

    Theme Misty Lake.


  6. Update it at with IE9 or IE10 (Win 8 only)

  7. Chrome 23 and FF18 are the latest stable versions.

    You can update all browsers with the links at

  8. I have always update my web browsers, but am concerned of all the people out there that have not and are not seeing your our pages as it should be seen.


  9. I hope you know that supports the most recent stable versions found here As I said above IE7 browsers are not supported. IE8 browsers are supported at this time but that will not always remain so.

  10. Howdy Bob!

    The short answer is, our newer themes (like Misty Lake) are no longer designed for IE 8 or older. Content should be readable/accessible, but the design may look off due to IE 8's lack of support for mobile-first design techniques.

    We made this decision after reviewing's traffic statistics, and found IE 8 users make up a very small and dwindling percentage of the overall user population.

    I hope this clears things up.

  11. "misty look" seems to have been taken out as an option, so I'm not sure how to deal with the IE8 problem.

    Wouldn't it be better for WordPress to leave "Misty Look" as an uption for now?

  12. Misty Look has been retired and it's no longer available for new users.

    Since Sixhours clarified our stance for supporting IE8, I'm closing this.

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