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Problem with Image Border in the Sidebar

  1. I used [style="border:none;"] in the tag a href="url" style="border:none; and it worked for me for three images- The Feed image, the Technorati image and another "Interviewed at Being a Blogger" image (towards the end of the sidebar). But I'm not being able to remove the border around the "iReply movement" image.

    Any idea what can be done?

    Thank you for all your help! I appreciate it.

  2. Please ignore my earlier post...something went wrong with the formatting.

  3. Open the text widget and look at the code. Using firebug I see no "border:none" so it may have gotten stripped out if there was a typo or a mistake. The code should look like the sample below.

    <p style="border: none"><a href="image/pagelinkhere" title=""><img src="imagelinkhere" alt="" title="" height="" width="" /></a></p>

  4. sacredpath,

    Thanks for your help...but it's not working :( If you take a look at the CSS ( I used CSS Viewer), the image shows a border of 2px and some color code.

    Any other way?

  5. Hmmm, the border:none I was thinking should override the CSS but apparently not.

    Try border="0"

  6. It seems to be fine now. The blue border appears for a second and then disappears.

  7. thesacredpath,

    thanks for your help! After reading ish's comment, I realized that it's a browser problem. The border appears in Flock, but it doesn't in Firefox or IE.


    Oh cool!! The border does appear in Flock though. Something very funny. But thank you for your help. :P

  8. In firefox mac for me, the border is still there. Interestingly in Safari the borders do not appear.

  9. wow! I think I'll just forget about it...looks like a huge browser compatibility issue. I think it's something to do with the way the image has been made.

  10. Hmmm, that could be. I'm out of ideas.

  11. @tsp: Does Firefox work in different ways on Windows and mac? Because even though it was appearing for me on Firefox before, it now disappears after say 30 seconds or so.

  12. G'day everyone,

    Here's a useful link that you can use to test your test your web design in different browsers

  13. Don't know if there is a difference in FF from windows to mac. I wouldn't have thought so. I'm testing right now to see if it will disappear after 30 seconds of so.

    Nope, minute and a half and still there - as is the one around the sitemeter image.

  14. thesacredpath,

    did you just talk about the sitemeter image? I never tried to remove that border. I only have a problem with the "iReply" border. Weren't you referring to that border in your previous comment? Sorry if I misunderstood you.

  15. That's very weird. I wait 30 seconds after the page has loaded and the borders around both sitemeter and that particular image disappear.

    The border persists in IE6 though.

  16. I see the blue border using IE7 but I do not see it using FF2 (windows xp pro- media center edition - vista ready)

  17. @tt: Maybe there is some difference in the way FF functions on Windows and Mac then.

  18. Yeah, IE is sort of border happy.

    No I was focused on the iReply border problem, but I noticed that there was a blue border around the sitemeter image as well. (don't see it on either in Safari).

  19. @ish
    Apparently there are some differences although this is actually the first one I'm aware of. I have FF on windows as well as mac. There is some slight differences in rendering of web pages, but that could be due to differences in the available fonts on the two OS's.

  20. @tsp: Yeah, I guess you're right. I believed it was the same till today too.

  21. Lots of information to digest here *gulps*

    timethief, thank you for that link. It goes into my delicious folder. :)

    ish and thesacredheart, thank you for spending time on my issue. I guess I'll just leave it. It's not a big deal anyway.

  22. @ruhi
    If you look at the CSS for the flock button you will see that it has this: {

    Whereas the iReply button image does not.

  23. Doesn't the border="0" or style="border:none;" have to go within the img tag? On the iReply image, it's not - but on all the other images it does seem to be.

  24. thesacredpath and wolfieb,'s working now, even though i did nothing different - just used "border:none". Earlier, it was getting stripped off/not working.

    Thank you all for your help!!

  25. I think the answer is simple: the border is there because the pictures are in a ahref so being a link the css interprets the picture as a hyperlink. Same thing goes for text where yo ucan specify what colour the hyperlink text has normally, when hovered, after it was visited, etc. So now my question is can we separate text hyperlink style from picture style?

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