Problem with Image Classes in 2011 Template

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    Hello All!

    Lately I’ve noticed that some of the images on my blog aren’t having the light grey outline applied, as per the other images. See for instance this post :: :: where the first two images have no outline, and the third does.

    After looking at the code, I’ve noticed that the class isn’t being applied to the images, so when I delete the image, and reinsert it, the problem is fixed. I could cut and copy the class no problem, but there seems to be an unique image ID number that I don’t know how to generate.

    So two issues ::
    1. Is anyone else experiencing this inconsistency with the template not applying the class? As far as I know, I use the exact same process to insert each image, so I don’t believe it’s anything I’m doing.
    2. Without having to delete and reinsert each image manually, any ideas how to find that image ID number?

    The blog I need help with is



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