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    I am in the process of starting a new blog. I imported all my posts from my old wordpress blog into the new one, but all the images in my imported posts are now too big for the theme I want in my new blog. They cross over into my side bar.

    How do I fix all the images so they they are the right width for my theme. I do not have the css upgrade, but I shouldn’t need to for the images to be the right size for the theme. I tried resizing some of the images individually and it didn’t fix anything.

    Any insight would be appreciated.


    My blog is

    The most recent post was done on the new blog. All the ones were imported from the old one.

    The blog I need help with is


    i had a look and they are all fine , i’m no expert but when i download a photo i get to choose , small , medium or large , harry



    You will either have to find a theme as wide as the widest picture or you will have to change them one by one. There is no other way of which I’m aware.



    I agree with raincoaster. I’m afraid you will have to edit the images so they fir the new themes’s blogging space. I also want to add that the maximum image width for the Pressrow theme is 500 pixels.

    If you are into accepting some advice I would suggest reducing the number of posts you have on your front page > Settings > Reading, and also reducing the size and number of images you have in each post. This will reduce page loading time for your readers. At present the size of your images and the number is a deterrent to any reader who is on dial-up service.


    And I agree with timethief… The files you have uploaded are huge: about 3900px wide and about 3MB each. That has an effect on loading time, plus it’s a complete waste of storage space. Best thing to do is make copies of your images, downsize them to 500px using an image editing application (or downsize your images using an online tool), then upload abd insert the downsized versions.


    And because agreeing with timethief equals agreeing with raincoaster too, your other option is switching to a theme that can accomodate your images as they are now (inserted at 600px). Excluding flexible-width themes, that means: The Journalist v.1.3, The Journalist v.1.9, Vigilance, iNove, Redoable Lite, and Motion.



    Thanks everyone for your help! I’ll reduce to one post per page and I guess I’ll have to change the size of pictures. I never worried about it because they don’t look huge on the actual post and my computer uploaded them fast, but when you click them, I do see they are huge.

    Thanks again..

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