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    Hi, I have a problem with images on my blog, they are not show correctly on the page, have some lines on them, but when I click on them, they are good. And to make matters worse, that is not happens on every picture, and all are from the same source and with same resolution. Thanks in advance for your answers

    The blog I need help with is



    This is happening because the images are Indexed Color, and wider than the maximum that can fit in the theme you’re using. WP requires RGB color images.
    Also, even RGB images lose some color and sharpness when downsized by WP, so ideally you should create images that don’t exceed the width of the main column in the theme you’re using (625px).



    Thanks justpi. Your answer helped me a lot


    Hi there,

    I am uploading images into the Add Media folder on my WordPress blog and every edited image is coming up blank; it either shows up as a hyperlink on the post or as a small blank square. Any image from my library that is cropped or edited in any way won’t load into WordPress. Please advise.

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