Problem with indentation and blank line spacing being removed from page

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    I’m using the Duet theme and adding content to a page (.com platform). The first paragraph is left aligned and subsequent ones are indented (despite everything I do to create consistency). Also, the blank rows between paragraphs are not being recognized (whether I use the visual editor or the html editor). I copied and pasted text in from textedit after stripping out the formatting and I even created a new page and typed some test content – I get the same problem so it’s not to do with the formatting of my content. I even checked ‘WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically’ under settings > writing (as that was recommended in a WP forum). I don’t have the custom option giving access to CSS – as I’m creating this blog for someone else.



    Typically you can’t use the space bar or the tab key to create paragraph indents in the editor as this is typically set in the CSS stylesheet.

    Since this is a premium theme, I recommend contacting the theme developer directly for help to see if they have a solution:

    I hope that helps!


    I was using the p, br, and text-indent tags – it’s just WP was ignoring them and that’s the problem. I have posted the question now on the Duet theme support area. Thanks

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