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    Hi. My name is Jaffar. I am from Singapore. Yesterday, I installed WordPress on my site,, and a few Plugins to extend and enhance my blog. One of the plugins that I installed was Jetpack. Unfortunately, I can’t set it up to take advantage of the many wonderful features it has to offer. Before i go into the reasons, just let me clarify that this is not a complain. My problem with Jetpack is circumstantial and not a nuissance from or to anyone. My reason for bringing this up is so that ideas could be exchanged as to the approach towards finding a work around. So, getting back to the matter in hand, I installed jetpack, read it’s installation instructions, only to find that I couldn’t drop or drag any of the components into the box because my screen reader couldn’t detect the box, and I couldn’t drop or drag the components. For that i needed to use the mouse, and I can’t use the mouse because I am not able to see the screen to use it. I am a blind computer user who can only depend on my screen reader that outputs speech to me, and the standard pc keyboard to help me interact with my computer. Unfortunately, while JavaScript and it’s modern derrivatives like Jquery is cool, unless apps developed with it are designed with accessibility in mind, it can pose a problem because to a large extent, blind computer users like myself still depend on our screen readers to be able to effectively detect output on screen to get things done. I don’t know if this is a feasible suggestion, but here goes. I am a software developer, well versed in java script and most web scripting languages. If the powers at be at word press would like to work with me to enhance accessibility of word press itself, or any of it’s associated products for that matter, i will be glad to lend a hand. This is because i personally think that WordPress is a great product, and i feel that enhancing it’s accessibility will encourage more of my fellow blind bloggers and webmasters to adopt and use it on their own sites. As it stands, word press is already impressively usable, even for people like me, but i, — if you will forgive the pun, — see no harm in improving it’s accessibility because in the long run, it will not only benefit the blind and visually impaired community, but also your other end users in general. Sorry for the long ramble. I’ll get off my soap box now. Thanks for reading.

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    Hello there,
    I’m so sorry but Volunteers can’t help with Jetpack issues, and I’m visually challenged so I am not reading that huge block of uninterrupted text up there. If you need help with Jetpack then you need to contact Staff.

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