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problem with link on images

  1. hello

    i have a problem when linking an image.

    i followed this of course:

    but when i hit Save and Continue or Publish the images just disappear and only the link in the code tab is present, the image src is gone. Whats the deal?

    here is my code (but its just simple html. am i blind not noticing something?

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Bun B" /></a>

    this is ok, but when i save, the image says bye bye.

  2. sorry, forgot to paste the code after i save the post

    <a href=""> </a>

  3. I see all your images just fine. Does the same thing happen when you just post the image with no link? What if you take the link off? Does the image then appear?

  4. No problem in just posting images, is the link thing that gives me problems.

    And if i remove the link nothing happens. Very weird

  5. any ideas on this one?

  6. None, sorry. I am mystified. I link images all the time and have never run into this. Maybe drop staff a line tomorrow and get them to look at your blog, as I can see no reason at all for this to be happening.

  7. Notorious, when you are using the code view versus the visual view, the code is all that normally gets displayed. Try using the visual view when editing. Write your text, then go to insert/edit image icon and insert an image that way. Give it the url and fill in all the necessary details (alignment, size, description etc) then save the entry before publishing. See if that helps rather than using the code view option.

    Just for giggle and grins I pasted your code into a test entry on mine (in code view) and your image came up just fine in visual view. I then saved it and went back to edit it, and all the code was there along with the image in the visual view ready for further editing.

    I have had a similar problem before when saving code to the blog, but that was restricted to trying to add java script to a page or blog entry or widget. WordPress doesnt like accepting script because it cant be inserted inside the head section.

    Hope that helps.

  8. thanks irocket for your reply, but unfortunately that doesn't work. I tried everything, from visual to code and still nothing, pics disappear.
    I think I only have to message staff and ask for some support.

  9. I can see that particular picture on your blog. Did you try deleting your browser cache?

  10. It's not that image in particular, I have no problem in uploading and posting images, it's when I put a link on the image, both uploaded or just srced.

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