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    None of the three links included in my most recent post work. I’ve created them in the same way as in previous posts. Instead of the links going to the desired location, they each link to an HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol page.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Shirley Buxton



    Your links have a http// following http://

    Remove the http// (not the one with colon http://)from the links.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you Kashmir. I will go over and check that. I have noticed in the last couple of days that my link symbol comes up with the http:// already there. I should have thought of that.


    Thank you, Kashmir. Indeed that was the problem, and I have corrected each of them. I wonder why my link symbol is coming up with the http:// already there. Perhaps it is a change in style.

    I appreciate your help, and all the information I receive on the forum. WordPress is the greatest.


    Shirley Buxton



    My pleasure.

    When you highlight text and click ‘insert link’ in the tiny mce editor, the field for ‘link URL’ already has a http://, I think that’s why it is repeating.



    Please note that I’ve changed your links in your posts. The ‘writenow’ bit replaces the ‘www’ bit in your URL, they can not coexist. 30% of the net can not follow your links nor do most search engine spiders.

    For example




    I am a real newbee, but making progress. I want to put a link to Mapquest on one of my pages (in the middle of some verbiage-directions to a swim meet.) I went to mapquest and got the directions; mapquest had a window that said to copy this url and paste it on your blog, but when I did that it got very long and wouldn’t work. What is the best way to do this? Probably something pretty simple…



    If the code you entered was javascript, or an iframe or an embed then wordpress programming stripped it out to preserve our security. We are on a shared multiuser blogging platform. This explains in more detail why javascript is stripped.
    What’s best is if share the code you tried to enter here in the comment box between backticks so we can see it and advise you what to do.



    Probably something pretty simple…

    Like maybe telling us the URL you’re trying to add in instead of making us guess. :)

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