Problem with Misty Look page navagation

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    I just started using Misty Look for my theme. The problem I’m having is that as I add new pages they show up in little tags at the very top of the page. This is fine, except now that I’ve added a few pages, the “search” box is hiding some.

    Can anyone help? thanks.


    That’s a problem with Mistylook, and one that cannot be solved without the paid CSS upgrade and a knowledge of CSS.

    Can you shorten the page names? Can you make some of your pages child pages? In Mistylook, if you make a page a child of another page, then when they go to the parent page, there is a link to the child page with the body of the page.


    The child pages would also show up in the “pages” widget indented and under the parent page.



    Thanks, if I can’t change some to child pages, then I’ll have to switch to another theme.
    That’s what I was afraid of.

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