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    I have my blog up and running. WordPress has made it extremely simple for a newbie like me to take off without much help. I am not really having set up problems, so much as an issue with a theme bug. The theme comes with a search box that shows at the top right of the blog pages. The problem is that as I have added pages, a page tab ends up hidden behind that search box. I have worked around it by created a place holder page of sorts that creates a tab that is hidden behind that box so the other pages wrap and show on the next row. I know I could probably buy the CSS extra, but didn’t really want to spend any money on my blog at this point. Is there any chance of the creator moving that search box?



    Very, very little. Even if the creator changed it, it’s unlikely would update their theme here. You’re probably going to be better off with a new theme that doesn’t do that if you’re going to have that many static pages as opposed to posts.




    I had ideas about using the pages as part of my virtual world and encountered the same snag. The wordpress notes suggests making another page a parent page in order to reduce the number of pages shown, but that isn’t useful if you want all the pages!

    I came to the conclusion that the pages feature is a useful part of the theme, but limited in use to a couple of topics, perhaps a few more if you keep the titles short. The pages are not tagged so will not come up in searches. I’m working on a way to present all the information as within the category listings.

    Also different web browsers view the site differently, so you never know exactly how far across the screen the tabs will stretch…

    Best Wishes



    Thank you both for your responses. I think I may just change most of the static pages to posts and only keep the “About Me” and “Contact Me” as static pages. I don’t really have anymore static pages to add, so I guess it could work as is. Anyway, I appreciate your kind and helpful replies.


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