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    I’m having trouble getting the More Tag to work correctly. If I use this tag, the front page of my blog shows the post split in the correct place, but there is no “continue reading” link to the full post. The blog title does link to the full post, but there is no indication that there is further content.

    Some things I have tried, all without success:
    * Customising the More Tag e.g. <!–more Click here to continue–>
    * Adding the More Tag through the visual editor as well as through the HTML editor
    * Ensuring that there are no incorrect spaces within the tag, that there are spaces between the tag and surrounding text, that the tag isn’t nested within other tags
    * Ensuring that the Reading Settings option “For each article in a feed, show” is set to “Full text”

    If I don’t include a More Tag, an excerpt is automatically generated with ellipses […] to indicate further content. Again, the […] doesn’t have a link to the full post but at least this provides some indication of further content, so most people should find the link in the title.

    I would much prefer to have a link after the excerpt however. Does anyone know how to get the More Tag to work? I am using a free account with the theme “Origin.”

    Thanks, Craig
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    The blog I need help with is



    That’s your theme and I’m afraid this is just how it is with that theme. The idea is that your readers are fluent enough with templates that they realize they need to click on the title.



    The only way to do it is create a custom excerpt plus a regular link to the post and paste it in the Excerpt module of the editor.
    If you’re not seeing the Excerpt module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to enable it.



    You are lucky as Origin does have an active excerpt box below the post editor and do as juspi describes.



    Thanks for the comments. I’m sure my readers will know to click the title, but I like the flexibility of the Excerpt module which I hadn’t noticed before.

    I was aware that themes have different limitations, but haven’t been able to find these listed in detail anywhere. Is this information available? I’d prefer to know of limitations in advance rather than find out by trial and error.


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    Justpi has lots of information and details about themes and their ins and out up to the themes available last March. You should take a look at his blog:



    Thanks Tess, Justpi’s blog is a helpful resource (and an informative read!)

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