problem with multileveled lists and no pre tag

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    When I attempt to add a list with several levels after I submit they are all reduced to one level. See:

    I’ve also tried tried to edit the HTML directly. I’ve also tried to convert the list to plain text and use the pre tag… cant add pre tag :/



    Okay, you will notice now on that link that I have two version. The first is plain text. The second is the broken un ordered HTML list format.

    For the plain text I took a plain text version of the list and replaced every space with an nbsp. I also needed to enclose the list in tt tags. Even still, it is quite ugly. (btw, the plaintext version of the list was created by mozilla thunderbird for me, based off the HTML version).

    While I’m here, anyone know a better way to show such a complicated tree?

    Regardless of a better way, I’d still like the option to have multilevel lists.




    oh, and another problem even with the funky wacked up text based version i have is that if I reedit the article all the spacing is lost again :]



    sorry, had to take out the messed up list and stick with the cripled plain text. it should be a hard problem to duplicate though.

    saved a copy on the side to deal with the future edit problems.




    It appears to me that lists are currently only one level deep. I believe this to be an WP issue, not just a issue. My suggestion would be 1 – contact the staff via feedback within your dashboard and point this out to them and 2 – contact the development team and express your point of view on this. I know the version puts in an end tag before any multi level tags. Maybe this can be worked on.

    I had the issue earlier with a post. Don’t remember how I dealt with it and I cant find the post right off. Funny how its allowed with the categories list though.

    Good luck,



    ill send the info to the proper channels as you suggested


    Hi, I have a problem with the lists: in Mozilla Firefox I see them as >> symbols, instead of circle or square or other types.
    In Internet Explorer I can seem them correctly.
    My blog is:
    Can you help me?
    Thank you very much.

    (if you see the single posts you notice that there is no problem, but if you connect to the web site, you will note that the lists are not well visualized).



    I have also noticed the multi-level list doesn’t work properly, so I’d be grateful, Cyphunk, if you could keep us informed of any progress you make with it.

    In the meantime, I used <ol>...</ol> for the outer list and <ul>...</ul> for the inner list in this post. The results of this were interesting.

    In IE and Opera, I get a nested ordered list (which is actully the result I wanted, but the HTML I wrote should not give this); in Firefox, I get a nested ordered list and a nested unordered list (with bullet points marked as described by bonariabiancu.

    Something somewhere is clearly not rendering the HTML properly.

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