Problem with my e-mail after mapping my blog from e-nom.

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    Hi there, i just mapped my blog from blogger (domain provided by e-nom).
    Everything worked fine except for the e-mail ((email redacted)) which is not working anymore.
    I think the problem is about the MX settings but trying to fix them (on e-nom control panel) if i choose to set the WordPress DNS i can’t manage the MX setting as well.

    Any help please?!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Member does not HAVE mailservers, so in order to run an email for your custom domain name, you’ll have to find another provider. See the support documents on that:



    Thanks, but the real problem for me is just to find the way to keep e-nom as domain and mail provider.



    Well if that’s where your domain management is and they DO provide email servers, then we can’t help you but presumably their support can.



    Thanks a lot!
    Have a nice day…



    Hi there, here is the reply of the service provider…don’t know what to do!


    Thank you for contacting Technical Support. I’ll be happy to assist you.

    If you are going to use WordPress’ DNS servers, you would need to contact them directly for assistance with the MX records and email routing for the domain, as the host record and MX records cannot be altered or troubleshot from the panel when using custom nameservers. Likewise, when you use custom DNS servers, the domain is not being pointed by our nameservers, so we could not troubleshoot any issues you may run in to.

    Again, if you want to continue to use custom nameservers, you will need to contact that provider directly for assistance. Alternatively, you can place the domain back to our nameservers, and contact the provide for alternate methods for pointing the domain using host records only.”

    What you think about this?

    Thanks again


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