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    ~I posted an article last night entitled “My top 10 women bloggers..” in my blog and put some colours in some of the font text. When I save it for publish, a problem occurs in the font colors of other articles in my front page! The font text is different in the normal one (according to my blog theme), and the fonts become bold! The sidebar texts also changed its font text, color and becomes bold. The problem I encountered with my new article is that even if I use the enter tab for the new paragraph, it doesnt show in the site when viewed. Please

    Check it out in my page

    I badly need your help.


    You’re first post looks like it may have been copied and pasted from MS Word or the web because there is some strange coding in it and a lot of code that doesn’t even show on the first page between the last paragraph and the more tag. You need to go into code view and get rid of the code between the last paragraph and the more tag.There will also be some code after the more tags you will need to remove as well (ending tags for the “strong” (bold) tags.

    You can try using the “clean up messy code” button on the extended tool bar in the visual editor (looks like a brush) to see if that will fix it before wading into the code editor if you want. It may work and it may not.



    Yeah, I copied the first post (the top post) from MS word. I will try to do your suggestion #1. I did already the 2nd suggestion but it didnt work. Thanks! will get back if what happens trying the suggestion #1



    Oh you are a genius the sacred path! My page is now back to normal! Thanks a lot!



    i experienced the same problem and found two solution. you can check the guide here

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