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problem with my home page's posts Fresh & Clean

  1. Hi, I do have questions about the theme Fresh & Clean for my blog

    I've read a lot and couldn't find the answer.

    Here's the thing. I successfully managed to create a slider. On 4 posts, I marked them as "sticky posts" and it worked fine.

    The thing is that now, all my posts disappeared from my home page (which is called "accueil", on the top of page).

    How can I make them appear in the home page "accueil" ?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. "How can I make them appear in the home page"?
    By not marking them as stickies.

    A post isn't supposed to show up twice on the same page: it will show up either in the slider or below it.

  3. HUh! OK, simple answer ! Thanks a lot!

  4. You're welcome. The whole point of the slider is that you use it to showcase some of your posts (either the latest or some important ones), and the rest of the posts show up the normal way.

  5. Yes, I understand, that gives a different way to highlights posts. The only matter is when you start your blog. Yo have 3 posts in the slider, but none on the home page. Thats looks kind of emplty, but that will fade away with time and with a certain number of posts. Thanks justpi.

  6. Indeed, I though that too. It's just a matter of time, after 3 or 4 posts, the main page will be filled.

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