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Problem with Ocean Mist?

  1. I have been using the Ocean Mist theme for a while now and recently it has developed a problem. Every so often (becoming more regular) some of the widgets don't appear properly with the title written in Arial Bold instead of being in the standard format. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem or how it can be solved.

    Many Thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Themes Staff monitor threads in this forum. Please be patient while waiting for them to reply to you.

  3. Ok thanks, Ive attached a screenshot of the problem so they can see what I mean.

  4. Posting the screenshot will be helpful. Thank you. :)

  5. Hi ma44hew,

    Thanks for reporting this issue and for the screenshot. I tested your site in Firefox, Chrome, and IE7, IE8 and IE9, and was unable to reproduce the error.

    Which browser are you using when this occurs? Also, can you try loading your site on a different computer and seeing if it persists?

  6. Hi,
    I use Firefox for the website and have noticed the problem on two differnt computers. It randomly appears like the screenshot and the proper way, but when it dosen't appear correctly it usually lasts like this for atleast an hour. I can't really seem to find out how why this is happening.


  7. The problem has just occured again, and I have checked Firefox and Internet Explorer with the problem appearing on both browsers.

  8. @ma44hew
    In order to find the causes of issues like this one Staff have to be able to duplicate them. Eaxctly which browser versions of IE and Firefox are you using please? if you don't know please use this link to find out and then post the results you get.

  9. Im using IE 9 and Firefox 10.


  10. Hi ma44hew,

    I've checked your site again, and your widgets all appear normally on my end, in all browsers. Does this occur with the same widgets each time?

  11. I think it's just random widgets but I'm not totally sure, I've checked regularly and it's also appeared normally today.

  12. The problem has just occured again now and it is the same two widgets as shown in the screenshot. I have just changed the 'most viewed recent posts' to a new widget and it appeared normally, so from looking at this the problem is in the 'recent posts' widget.

  13. Hi ma44hew,

    Thanks for the information. I am still unable to replicate the problem on my end, but I will report this to our team so that we can test it further and figure out what is causing this.

    It also looks like you have more than one blog using Ocean Mist. Is the problem occurring on those blogs as well?

    Some other things to try and test:

    - If the problem occurs again, does it go away after you clear your browser's cache?

    - Are you noticing the problem only on the home page or on single posts and pages as well?

    - You noted that the problem occurs on two separate computers. Were those computers on the same network (for example, in the same house or same building)?

  14. Hi,

    I haven't seen the problem in the last few days and yes it has happened on a few blogs which I jointly operate. I think the problem happens on every page but am unable to confirm this as I haven't seen the problem again. And no, the computers were in two totally different locations.


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