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Problem with other blogs

  1. I have the problem that the blog's upgrades can't be displayed in the other websites.
    For example, anyone has my page-link on his blog, he can't see my updates or my new posts.
    Blog url:

  2. Upgrades or updates? If it's updates, what are the specific titles of the posts your friend cannot see?

  3. it's in general. Some of my friends have a blogroll with updates in blogger platform. The blogroll displays the new posts but not for my blog. Instead another wordpress blogs updates are display correctly

  4. Ah, this is an RSS problem. There have been scattered reports of RSS problems, but I'm afraid I'm not aware of a workaround right now.

  5. ok, thank you!

  6. Is your blog marked as Mature? That might be the problem. If it's private, of course your new posts won't show either.

  7. No, the blog is public but until a few days ago it wasn't indexed

  8. That might be it; have you made a post since then? If yes, have you commented on your friend's blog since then?

  9. I also changed the Enhanced Feeds settings and now it works!
    Thank you for your answers!

  10. You're welcome, glad to hear it worked!

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