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    My pictures I put in my posts keep disappearing when I publish my post. Why? Will this problem be fixed?

    The blog I need help with is


    I have that problem too but there’s a workaround. First you click Save Draft and as you have observed – the image disappers. Then go to the Media Library and reinsert the picture. This time it will stay after publishing. So: Insert image > save as draft > reinsert picture > publish.



    @lemediumsaignant & universalgeni
    Have you reported this to Staff? I recommend that you do. Here’s the link >



    HOW are you posting the pictures? Are you using code from another site? Are you uploading them directly to WordPress? Do they appear in your Media Library but not your posts?


    I think Staff fixed the problem, – it works normal now…



    That’s good news. :)


    Yes it is. AndI didn’t even contack Support. :-)


    Yes it is. And I didn’t even contact Support. :-)

    Sorry for alle the errors above…


    @universalgeni: I tried your trick, it still doesn’t work :(
    @raincoaster: I’m uploading them from my computer directly into WordPress and yes, they appear in my library, but not my posts.



    Did you contact staff? I can’t see any problem on your site.


    Yes, I did. But I think it’s probably a vista malware I have on my laptop that is causing the problem, since I managed to post pictures from my ipad. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for really long.

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