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problem with putting feed in my sidebar

  1. I followed as instructed by the FAQ. But it is not working. As for me, isn't it how the codes should be written: <img src=””/&gt;

  2. why is my code being changed. Originally before the image code, I put up my url. But as you can see it is not there. Why? Please help.

  3. But the code between backticks (`).

    It's the key above the tab and to the left of the number one.

  4. sorry, I don't understand. Could you change and rewrite it for me?

  5. Type the exact same thing you did before, but at the beginning and the end, put a backtick (`). The key you want to hit is directly above the tab key and to the left of the number one.

  6. sorry to bother you again. when you said the beginning and the end. Is it right before the code and right after the closing tag?

  7. see your other thread.

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