problem with quotes in Hebrew blogs with Firefox 3 Alpha

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    I’ve been playing with the Firefox 3 Alphas.

    I have a blog in Hebrew. WordPress’ automatic pretty quotes work differently in Firefox 3 Alpha and Firefox 2. You can see a sample post here:

    In case you don’t understand Hebrew – it’s a dialog. Every sentence is enclosed in quotes.

    If you try it in Firefox 2 and Firefox 3, you’ll see that the quotes appear in reverse.

    I’m not sure whether it’s a bug in Firefox 2 or Firefox 3, but anyway, i thought that WordPress people should be aware of it, as WP does play around with automatic pretty quotes.



    Best bet is to send in a feedback on Monday; staff gets those directly, and they are aware of some issues with Hebrew already. They don’t always check the forums.



    We can’t fix issues with browsers that are not official releases.
    Alpha, beta, release candidate downloads are unsupported. Why try and fix something that will change?

    FF2 issues – certainly send those in with a description and a screenshot.



    > We can’t fix issues with browsers that are not official releases.

    Contrariwise! I thought that the WordPress folks would be interested at having those bugs nailed as soon as possible before the release.

    Also, WP folks would be better than myself at isolating the problem, with all their experience in cross-browser design and testing. I tried building a minimal test HTML file, but got confused. The trouble is that i’m not even sure what is the correct behavior – Fx 2 or Fx 3.

    The IE rendering is closer to Fx3, by the way, but i can’t say that something is correct just because it is rendered in a certain way in IE.



    What Mark said was that with an Alpha release there’s likely to be stuff that changes when the app goes beta, RC and then gold. What’s the point of WordPress fixing something for the Alpha release and then having to fix it three more times when the Beta, RC and then Gold release comes out?

    These guys are top notch. When FF3 gold is released if there are any problems with the WP platform(s) then they’ll be on it like a flash to get it working right.


    FF3 is full of holes at the moment, and so buggy im supprised they released it as an alpha. In its current state id say its more of an internal.

    I’m sure that the staff listed your error, but as has been said by the time FF3 reaches live status it’ll have gone through so many changes it’ll most likely be fixed. That said, problems such as this would be better di9rected to the FF bug team, since they’re the ones that will fix the app itself.



    That’s just what i meant – i don’t report it as a bug in WordPress.

    I thought that you would be better than myself at reporting this to the Mozilla folks.

    You could describe all the entities, characters, layouts and stuffs more precisely.

    And as i said – maybe Fx 2 has a bug and Fx 3 is already fixed.



    I see what you mean now!

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