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Problem with Reading Settings - Fresh & Clean theme

  1. For the "Fresh & Clean" theme by AJ Clark, we love the design but can't seem to show "full text" for each post we have in the feed - all that we see is a summary. We've tried to edit the "Reading Settings" to show "full text" vs. "summary", but that still doesn't work. Can someone help us with this please?

    Thank you,
    Blog url:

  2. The theme is designed to display excerpts only on the front page. Full posts were not contemplated by the theme's designer. The only way to achieve this is to complete the post, switch to the HTML editor and copy all of the code, then paste it into the excerpt box below the post editor.

  3. Hi timethief, thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested with the excerpt box, but nothing showed up when i hit publish. Am i missing something? Or does the theme just not support excerpts either?

    Thank you,

  4. Your two posts above are confusing: are you interested in displaying full posts on your feed or on the main page of your blog?

  5. Hi justpi, I'm trying to show full posts on the main page of my blog here:

    For some reason i can only show a summary, and the formatting doesn't look good. I like the style of the theme and the fonts, but i'd just like to be able to show a full post.

  6. The theme is designed to display only a breif excerpt on the front page of the blog.
    The only way to display a full post is by doing what I stated above.

  7. The full vs summary option in Settings > Reading refers to your feed, not to the main page of your blog. If you want full posts on the main page, you need to do exactly what timethief suggested (or switch to a different theme).

  8. Thanks guys - i think i got it now!

  9. Great news! :)

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