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    I an using a wordpress blog as a closed working environment for the development of a travelling exhibition, I am a complete novice in the use of WordPress. The particpants in the project are 5 museums in Norway, Finland and Sweden who are also complete novices. My problem is as follows: a couple of the people who have been invited to be contributors to the blog, have not managed to successfully become contributors. When I look for them on the list of contributors in users, they are to be found listed as follows:
    joe.[***]@nll. joebloggs http://
    That is, without an email address as in found in those who have successfully become contributors to the blog :
    sue.[***]@[***].no suejones
    As i found no solution to get them on to the blog, I got them to supply me with a private email address and sent them a new invitation, however, now they received an invitation to creat a second blog. Which as you can imagine is really confusing for us innocents as they weren’t aware that they had got a blog at all – they thought they were just becoming contributors to our work blog.
    What are they / we doing wrong? Is it possible for example, to remove the invitation completely and start the process again or can I get them registered as contributors to the blog in another way?
    Thanks in advance, Morien Rees

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    The blog I need help with is



    If you can send their names and original email addresses to Support we can see what has happened and add them to the blog if you wish.



    Hallo Mark,

    Here are the names,

    Curt, Curt.[***]@[***].se

    Robert, Robert.[***]@[***].se

    thanks in advance.

    Morien Rees

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    Hi Morien,

    I was able to add Rober to your blog.
    Curt doesn’t have a account yet; I sent him an invite. Once he confirms through email sent, he will be added.

    I also edited email addresses & names from your posts to keep them private.
    Please try to use our contact form when sending those information.


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