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Problem With "Rich Editor"

  1. Strange, I was working on a new post and the editor insists on putting extra
    space between each line....double spacing actually. I can't figure out how
    to fix that. I've turned off the visual editor, etc. to no avail. Something
    funky going on with WP as I am one whose admin bar has disappeared as well.

  2. You might have to go back though and reedit your previous posts with the normal editor to get rid of all teh extra lines.

    Your site is password protected so I can't double check for you.

    Good luck,

  3. With my blog any time you hit ENTER you get a double space; if you hold down the CTRL key and THEN hit ENTER, you get only a single space. Does this help?

  4. Which editor though are you using, Rain? Judy is using both of them.

  5. I always use the Rich Text editor, and my theme is Dusk, if that matters.

  6. drmike, I've allowed access if you want to check to see if you can determine
    what's gong on. It's also weird posting this message. The box for posting extends
    far to the right and the ends of the lines disappear. I have to keep hitting "enter"
    in order see the words. These problems just appeared a few hours ago. The problem
    with the admin bar has been intermittent. As I said, weird things going on.

  7. @judyk
    drmike won't be back until tomorrow. Then he can give you a hand with spacing.

    In between what you seem to be describing with regrad to the overextending message box is a browser issue. I'll bet you're using an IE aren't you?

    Did you know that everything will display perfectly in a firefox or mozilla browser. Just in case you're interested firefox is a free download from the web

    P.S. Many of us have turned away from the dark side and no longer use the text rich editor this thread may be of interest or not

  8. timethief, yes, I'm using IE. I guess I'm just old fashioned. I assume I would
    have to change all my mail boxes etc. if I switched to a different browser and
    that would be a pain. I might look at it though.

  9. You don't have to change anything if you don't want to. You can have multiple browsers and use them whenever you want whichever ones you want, without changing your default browser. I still have my IE I just no longer have any use for it. From time to time I drag it out but firefox is without doubt, when it comes to serving my needs, superior.

  10. drmike, I'm the original poster. I've switched editors but I wondered if you
    had any suggestions about my "spacing" problem with the rich text editor?

  11. I have this problem too. EXTREMELY frustrating. I just want to do this when I hit enter:
    Type under the previous line. Instead, enter makes me

    type under a big space.

    WTF and how can I fix this? Tried using Ctrl-Enter but that doesn't do anything.

  12. ONLY POST TO ONE THREAD. Very annoying to read exactly the same question in more than one thread. Don't waste people's time that way.

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