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    Hi, could you please help me out with this –

    We have a wordpress blog, username onemillionwomen, and we usually have an rss feed to the homepage of our website <>. Yesterday a problem came up – the feed has been replaced with the plain text “problem at 1 Million Women blog”. A separate link to the blog on the site still works, and the blog looks normal, it’s just that it isn’t communicating with the rss feed anymore. What can we do to fix this?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Something is wrong with your blog – I have flagged this for staff attention


    Thank you – is there anything we should do straight away to address this? And, is it possible for you to give me an estimate of when it will be looked at by the wordpress staff?

    Thanks heaps!



    It is something in the code and you can’t change the code – could be many things

    No estimate on the time – I am an unpaid volunteer and don’t have access to the schedule of the staff that need to look into your problem nor do I know their backlog – they do check the forums during the day for problems


    Okay, thanks for flagging this. Can I just ask one more thing – are there any other avenues of contact with the team who will be looking at this?



    @onemillionwomen: I am looking into the issue with your feed, sorry about it and thanks for your patience!

    We do provide direct support for paid users, and all users are welcome to post their questions in the Community Support Forums (this place) where they can get help from volunteers and staff.



    @onemillionwomen: there were some invalid characters in your latest post (not visible via the editor) that were breaking your feed. After editing the post to remove those characters, the feed is working fine again.



    @jenia – would having the box checked “WordPress should correct invalid html” have prevented the problem?



    @auxclass: In this instance, “WordPress should correct invalid HTML” would not have prevented your issue from occurring. As @jenia indicated, the problem was caused by invalid characters in your post, which shouldn’t happen again.

    Happy blogging!



    I was curious how the invalid characters might have gotten into the Post – I am pretty basic and only paste into the plain text box – but was wondering to make sure I don’t goof

    thanks for the help

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