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    We had a site developed by someone, who bought a template from someone else. Yeah real issue, the kid is pretty flakey. I fixed some of the issues and got some plugins that made the layout more appealing. My issue is when adding products to a category in “Services”, I get an issue with one product category: the link in the menu takes me to the wrong category. –> Category “Wall Sconces” –> goes to “Table Lamps” If you type: manually it appears. I assume the page with “title” and “slug” is fine or the page wouldnt display correctly. In chandeliers the guy misspelled chandelier, using “Chandellier” instead. If i change the title and slug to the correct spelling the page falls apart and nothing gets displayed.

    2nd issue is: Can I change how featured picture displays the image? The aspect ratio is off and had to work around it.

    Whatever code you would need me to cut and paste I can. The guy said, “here is the ftp access” and that was it. I have a technical background and have used templates before, but this is an odd problem. Since i am not a programmer I could not see if the code in the “single-project” file in the template is doing something incorrectly or not.

    I always appreciate the help. Trying to launch this site to get this out to prospective clients. Been a real headache.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    That not a free hosted blog and those are the only blogs we provide support for on this forum. Our software is different from yours and you have to post to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ to get help with that site. vs The Differences

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