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    I use Windows Live Writer to write to WP. Every time there is a number 8 and a closing bracket right after it, the result in the blog will be a smiley of a face with sunglasses. I have to put a space between 8 and ) but this looks like I am a casual typist. Could this be changed somehow. Is there a way that this smiley needs that extra dash between 8 and ) to become a smiley?



    Go to Settings > Writing
    Uncheck the box that says “Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display”



    Well, I use smileys. But the thing is, whoever is responsible for smileys in WP didn’t realise that 8 and ) together can be actually 8 and ) and not 8) smiley.


    Put a space between the 8 and the ).



    I wrote that I have to do this. It solves the smiley problem but results in a strange space between 8 and ), as if some typo or casual typing.



    This 8 + ) thing bugs me too….and for some reason ” + ) also inconveniently transmutes into a smiley….yes, we know we can turn smilies off; yes, we know we can leave a space….but only *very improbable* combinations of punctuation should result in smilies: and both 8 + ) ; and ” + ) are common usages….it would be handy if these two could be changed, if possible….



    It didn’t use to do this. It changed a few months back.


    Got a solution:



    panaghiotisadam: Thank you, I’ll try that. Though it means I have to go to code mode in WLW.
    doggerelist: I agree that whoever did the smiley thing didn’t think well about “normal” results of smiley combinations.


    i had this same problem. panaghiotisadam thanks so much!

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