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    I added Statcounter on my blog by installing the code in the text widget sidebar. But it’s not displayed properly on the site as apart from the Statcounter button there’re also parts of the code being displayed on the site too.

    I already checked this FAQ:, but there’s no information about Statcounter code installation there.

    From browsing through the forum my understanding is that the Statcounter code is in javascript which is not allowed by WordPress, and that I’d need to install an HTML code instead.

    However when I tried to get HTML code from Statcounter it says the following:

    [OPTIONAL – HTML Only Counter
    It is not recommended to choose this option as it will not be possible to record the referring link, page title and other information. Only choose this if you web host does not allow you to insert javascript into your webpage. We recommend you move to a web host that will give you proper access to your website.]

    So it would seems like Statcounter and WordPress are not really meant for each other, is that right? If that’s the case can anyone recomment a WordPress-friendly counter that still offers the same features as Statcounter?


    There are 4 different html stats counters you can choose from but understand that none of the html counters will give you the full information that a javascript one will provide.

    You can use the forum searchbox to find threads where other bloggers have staed their preferences for sitemeter, statcounter, shiny stats and activemeter.

    If you feel you must use a javascript stat counter then you can hire a web host and download the software from



    So that’d mean free WordPress blogs can only get limited counter functions?

    The Statcounter I installed does seem to do its job, but it’s just an annoyance to have the codes shown on the site. It strikes me as weird for WordPress to incur this limitation, unlike Blogger, and doesn’t offer any other alternatives.


    (1) Yes.

    (2) The code should not be showing. You should see only an image. Please post a link to your blog so we can see what you are talking about.


    Also, if you would like to do like I did, submit a suggestion to WordPress using the contact form and ask them to make a SiteMeter widget. ;-)




    WordPress has limitations on javascript, flash, and embeds for security reasons because we’re on a shared blogging platform. That means the actual guts of your blog are shared with everyone else using that template, and it means that a security risk introduced by any one of those people would put all of them at risk. That’s why we have more constraints.


    I don’t know about you guys, but I have yet to have the stat numbers I get from WP to agree with the numbers I get from statcounter. SC is always waaay under reporting. I’ll probably get a hit put out on me for saying this, buuut blogger doesn’t have the limitations mentioned, so perhaps consider switching if it bothers you. The drawback with blogger (to me at least) is that they don’t have the community tags that we have here. This means it’ll take longer to get people visiting you (you’ll have to rely on search engines and stuff you do to pomote your site). Also, even though blogger belongs to Google, their spiders seem to absolutely love WP. In less than 24h several of my posts hit the #1 spot after publishing.

    Anyone one else have under reporting issues with SC? I’m using free WP, but that should have zero impact.



    They will never agree. They count different things. No two stat programs will ever agree, except coincidentally. They are set up different ways. That’s why the important thing to watch is the trends…which posts are popular, whether you’re going up or down, etc.

    Also: as I said in the other thread, DO NOT make the same comment to two different threads. You’re not being respectful of the volunteers’ time that way.

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