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problem with sticky posts on iTheme2 theme

  1. Hello,

    I chose this theme because I am putting up CD album information, and it has a nice scrolling album info section at the top with a picture. All you have to do to make this work is make the post sticky and have a featured image. Before I had the newest albums at the top (in the box thing), stickied, but newer posts not sticky were below. Now for some reason, it is showing the sticky posts before the newest posts, which I know is common on other themes, but for mine, it should leave the sticky posts in the boxes with the now it's showing in both the sticky box AND in posts, which is redundant, and I can't get it to work....please help me T__T

    The blog I need help with is

  2. it's showing in both the sticky box AND in posts

    With the iTheme2 theme, the featured posts section will be displayed above the rest of the published posts (from newest to oldest).

    You can see more details about iTheme2 here:

    Can you reply and give us some more details about what's showing in two places?

    If you can also take a screenshot image of your entire browser window that's displaying the issue, and upload it to your Media Library, it'll help us take a closer look.


  3. Here is a screenshot: you can see that the post is stickied above but also shows up as the first post (even though I have made newer posts)
    screen of problem

  4. I see you're on a different theme now, but if you switch back, it should be working correctly now.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  5. I am also using these theme and have encountered the same issue. It happened to me a couple of days ago after posting a video. It went back to normal after playing about with some of my other posts. I can't remember exactly what I did.
    I posted another video yesterday and the same thing happened. Only this time, nothing seems to work when I change various settings on the theme and my posts.

    Screenshot of problem

  6. Hi @pixelsensei and @metallimaniac,

    I wanted to let you know that we have just released an update for iTheme2 which should fix the issues you were having. We apologize for all of the trouble!

  7. Hi,
    We are having the same problem and it shows the oldest sticky post on top of the blog, same as in the screenshots above.
    Thanks for your help xx

  8. It all seems back to normal again, thanks for fixing it. xx

  9. Hi I'm having a problem with this theme. Since I updated to the itheme2 whenever i want to post a new post it wont show on my only shows on the side category bar and IF I make it a sticky post will it show in th scroll bar on top. I really need my posts to show. Help?! my website is

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