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    I am really tired of this problem. I have two blogs with iTheme2, but problem is just in one of them. I have a horizontal line with some sticky posts and it’s ok. But I don’t understand why those sticky posts appear not only in that line but also in front page? Is not it true that sticky and featured posts can be see just in that line? I don’t want them in my front page below that line. Now I have to edit (i don’t change anything, just save again…) one sticky post every day because just after editing one of them, all sticky posts disappear from my front page and I can see them only in horizontal line. But day after they appear again. Maybe there’s another and more effective solution?

    Thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Thanks for your note on this bug. I’m having it too.

    I found that if the last thing I do is un-sticky a post and then re-sticky it, the problem goes away until I save something else, so it’s a workaround, but still a royal pain to do that every time you want to post something on your site.

    @iTheme2 people PLEASE FIX THIS!



    This is to let you know I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the Themes Forum. Themes Staff monitor threads there are they will deal with your bug report.


    Thank you!


    I have problem with this iTheme2 – sticky posts appearing on the front page – and the carousel next or previous button are not visible. The theme tend to be OK after refershing a few times, sometimes when i log out and log in again. is there a more effective solution ?

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi @oxingalemusic, @tulipsknygos, and @borneocraftonline,

    I wanted to let you know that we have just released an update for iTheme2 which should fix the issues you were having. We apologize for all of the trouble!


    Hi @michiecat,

    Thanks for this but we seem to still have the bug at, and my workaround is no longer working…

    Is there something we need to do to activate the update?

    If not, maybe there is more to be done to fix this. Thank you!



    Hi – having a problem with sticky posts displaying as ordinary posts with the ‘Suburbia’ theme. Only just happened today – I have two posts still listed as sticky, but this evening are displayed as ordinary posts in the public display. Is this a temporary glitch? Thanks!



    @thornesa: The blog linked to your username isn’t using Suburbia.

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