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Problem with sub-categories

  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to add sub-categories to my wordpress page. When I go to 'Manage -> Categories', and add a sub-category, it appears on the category page. However, as soon as I move on it disappears. When I try to add another category, the sub-category is still in the 'Category Parent' pull-down. Also, when I added a category of the same name in the writing/editing post page, it created a category but did not show this anywhere else, including the categories section.

    If you need any details, just ask.

  2. Staff monitor these threads and the first detail they will need is the url for your blog so they can locate it. Will you post it please?

  3. Well, it's fixed itself. I didn't do anything. Should I mark this as resolved? All I did was wait a day, and now its working.

  4. I would suggest marking it as resolved.

  5. this is happening on my blog - can someone please investigate? Thanks

  6. Support is closed on the weekends, but staff does monitor the forum. If it is not fixed on Monday, you can contact support using the support tab at the right end of your dashboard, or go to .

  7. Hello, I have been having a similar issue on my blog, I've made a category as a parent to two subcategories (Akash and EBR-3), but these don't appear in my category manager. Currently all the categories appear un-heirachically listed in the sidebar, and I dont' seem to be able to 'open' the categories widget in any way, so can't tell it to be heirachical. Can you help? BTW, thanks for your great wordpress site. It makes blogging amazing!

  8. I'm having the same problem on I'm creating sub-categories and though they appear to save correctly they don't actually appear for use when I want to add a post to them.

  9. You can contact support using the support tab at the top right hand corner of your dashboard or go to during support hours 9-5 PM Pacific

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