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    Is it possible to speak to someone by phone about my subscription please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Speak up here please as there is no phone support. Only those with the Business Upgrade have live chat support.

    This is a peer support forum where Staff and Volunteers work together cooperatively to provide support. Emailing support means it takes longer to get an answer than posting to the support forums does.

    Volunteers answer the majority of all support questions and when we cannot provide support we tag threads for Staff assistance.

    We are happy to answer your WordPress.COM questions right here in this thread. Please simply post exactly what you need help with into this thread, knowing there’s rarely ever a question posted here that has not already been asked and answered.



    Ok, here is the question. Will I get a reminder to pay the subscription for my blog? if not, do I just pay the fee via ‘upgrade’? The blog was set up by a member of staff who no longer works with me. last year, an email reminder was sent to her to pay for the following year. She has given administrative rights to me, but her email details, rather than mine, are those that WordPress have and recognise. So, I am concerned that I won’t be sent a reminder for the need to pay the annual fee.



    Hi there!

    What site is this about?

    Probably the best way to handle this is to have that user request that those upgrade be transferred to your account. Can you have them contact us to transfer the upgrades?



    the site is

    I have contacted them, but no response. Also, they no longer work for the same organisation so will not be able to contact WordPress from the same email account they originally used, which WordPress sees as a problem


    It looks like Dustin is also helping you out with this issue. Please follow up with him.

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